K4AC Votes Against A Dues Increase

K4AC Votes Against A Dues Increase

Announcement Date: July 18, 2015

The Administration and Finance Committee decided that dues needed to be raised from $39 to $49—a 26% increase. K4AC had repeatedly asked that a tiered dues structure be considered where a member could choose a digital subscription to QST for a lesser cost.

The digital only membership would save the League the costs associated with printing and mailing a monthly magazine to the member. Radio Amateurs Canada had very successfully implemented such a digital only membership.

The rationale for not considering a digital only membership appeared to amount to it taking a lot of work to determine if it was viable and what the cost should be.

Vice Director Mike Lee, AA6ML is an industry expert in the field of membership services and revenue of print versus digital advertising. They chose not to take advantage of his wealth of knowledge.

Because he did not believe that an across the board dues increase of 26% without considering other options for maintaining affordable membership was appropriate, K4AC was one of two Directors that voted against the dues increase.