K4AC Submits His 300-Word Candidate Statement

K4AC Submits His 300-Word Candidate Statement

Announcement Date: September 2, 2016

Below is the 300-word Candidate Statement that K4AC submitted for inclusion with the ballots.

You’re in the unique position of selecting between two people that have actually held this position. To see your clear choice, compare my three years to my opponent’s six years before me. I have: been transparent by telling you how I voted and why I voted that way; continually sought input from the entire membership in the Division including conducting surveys; and been very active on the Board representing you.

ARRL achievements include:

Authoring motion creating the Reapportionment Committee, addressing the disparity of representation, and elected as its Chairman (15,200 Southeastern Division members have the same Board vote as 3,200 Dakota Division members)
Conception of and serving on the VHF Contest Revitalization Committee
Conception of initiative to explore and define the future of HF contesting, including making amateur radio more attractive to youth
Web-based reporting project for the Field Organization
Holding the 2016 National Convention in Orlando
Worked with NASA to resolve six meter interference
Nominated for ARRL President

Professional achievements include:

Retired Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent
Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Professor at Valencia College
Successful business owner (18+ years—multiple businesses)

This election is a referendum on ARRL Board governance including ethics, transparency, accountability, and vision for the future. Send a clear message to the power elites on the Board that you don’t want back room politics and business as usual, that you want a Director who works for you, not them, and that you’re concerned about the League’s and amateur radio’s future—please vote for me, mail your ballot today, and get other members to do the same!

Visit www.K4AC.com for more information. As always, I’d like to hear your opinions and ideas to improve the ARRL; email me at doug@k4ac.com.
Thank you and 73, Doug K4AC