K4AC Receives Notice From The E&E That He Has Been Disqualified

K4AC Receives Notice From The E&E That He Has Been Disqualified

Announcement Date: September 19, 2016

Having never been told that there were any complaints against him or even asked any questions concerning them, K4AC was stunned to discover that he had been declared disqualified for reelection by the Ethics and Elections Committee.

Dear Mr. Rehman:

It is our obligation to inform you that at a meeting Sunday evening of the Ethics and Elections Committee, the Committee voted unanimously to find you ineligible for (re)election pursuant to Bylaws 19 and 41.The Committee considered two separate complaints with respect to unethical actions taken by you in connection with your re-election campaign, and as well a series of actions taken by you with respect to your opponent’s election campaign As such, we intend to declare Mr. Sarratt the sole eligible candidate and a ballot will not be mailed on October 1, 2016.

We will provide you and the ARRL Board a full and complete explanation of the basis for our decision without delay, inasmuch as you may decide to ask the Board of Directors members to review our decision pursuant to Bylaw 41. However, before doing so, we offer you the opportunity to withdraw voluntarily from the Southeastern Division election for Director for the term commencing January 1, 2017, thus making it unnecessary to present our findings to the Board.

So you can evaluate this option, one of the complaints related to campaign information on your QRZ.com site and your Facebook page disparaging ARRL and its Board of Directors. Another related to your election-related interactions with REDACTED. The Committee also considered the extent to which you took action to remove disparaging information about ARRL and ARRL Board members from your campaign websites and the information that still appears on those web sites; plus the complaints that you have lodged against your opponent Mr. Sarratt.

Because it is urgent to convey to the Board both the information available to the Committee and the basis for the decision that we have made with respect to your election eligibility, we would ask for your decision how you wish to proceed not later than the end of the day Wednesday, September 21, 2016. We plan to have our report to the Board ready by early Thursday should that be necessary.

The Committee made its decision after careful deliberation and with the utmost reluctance.


Dale, WA8EFK – Ethics & Elections Committee Chairman
Kent, KA0LDG – Ethics & Elections Committee Member
Rod, K0DAS – Ethics & Elections Committee Member

K4AC Immediately appealed the decision of the E&E to the Full Board.