K4AC Provides The Board With Some Comments On The Disqualification Report

K4AC Provides The Board With Some Comments On The Disqualification Report

Announcement Date: September 23, 2016

The below was sent to the full Board of Directors.

I am preparing a response to this report as well as the other.

In the meantime, a few observations on a quick read of this report:

While REDACTED is not a current ARRL advertiser, they are a significant player in the very small amateur radio retail marketspace. REDACTED. It is disingenuous to suggest that because “REDACTED is not now an ARRL advertiser”, relationships between Sarratt and REDACTED are immaterial. I’m quite certain that REDACTED competitors that ARE ARRL advertisers would not be amused by this sentiment.

While REDACTED is not a current ARRL advertiser, REDACTED IS an ARRL reseller: REDACTED

I fiind the disparity in the handling of my complaints versus the complaints against me to be profound. Sarratt was contacted to inquire about the complaint against him. In stark contrast, the very first knowledge I had of the ethics complaints against me were when I received the notice of disqualification from E&E. I was never asked about any communications with REDACTED, instead Sarratt’s allegations were taken as factual.

In my complete response being worked on, I will provide the communications that would have been provided to E&E if they would have merely asked. The mention of Sarratt’s web hosting in those communications was a side issue; the emails were a continuation of a discussion that REDACTED and I had over dinner REDACTED.

REDACTED from REDACTED stated, “I think Doug honestly wants to do the right thing and, at best, is operating under a misconception, and at worst making the most of an issue to improve his chances of winning.” (Exhibits A-D.PDF, page 15, paragraph 3)

Compare and contrast that to E&E’s statements in their report against me:

“Election Candidate Sarratt’s complaint against Mr. Rehman deals with intimidating conduct of Rehman relative to REDACTED and the threats that Rehman made to REDACTED to make an issue out of REDACTED hosting of a web site for Sarratt. This is viewed by the Committee as an unfair election tactic. While REDACTED is not an ARRL advertiser at present, Mr. Rehman’s attempted intimidation of REDACTED to cease any web hosting or other support for Mr. Sarratt’s candidacy for ARRL Director stands to create an antagonistic attitude between ARRL and REDACTED that is damaging to ARRL’s industry relations.”  (Report to the Board Concerning Doug Rehman K4AC FINAL.PDF, page 8, first paragraph)

From his very own statements, it does not in any way appear that REDACTED felt intimidated. In fact, after reading all of REDACTED’s comments in the Exhibits,  I am most impressed with REDACTED’s sense of honor and ethics.

Speaking of the contact between E&E and Sarratt, the specifics of those communications must be released to the full Board, not just a broad generalization that “no useful information was obtained…”. If E&E contacted REDACTED from REDACTED, the contents of those communications must be released as well.