K4AC Makes Motion For The Creation Of A Committee To Resolve IT Issues

K4AC Makes Motion For The Creation Of A Committee To Resolve IT Issues

Announcement Date: July 22, 2014

One of the first things that K4AC discovered as a new Director is how poor the Information Technology (IT) resources at the ARRL are. Projects were way behind and the approach was that everything would by custom programmed in-house. The standing joke whenever anyone has an idea is “that will take IT time.” At a time when properly operated organizations were buying off the shelf software solutions, the ARRL was firmly entrenched in doing everything in-house. The ARRL did not have an IT department, it had a programming department.

Three members of the Board are faculty members at colleges and universities, teaching in IT fields, and one was involved at the top level of an international banking data center. (K4AC is a Professor teaching Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity.)

While his original intention was to make the motion to directly create an Information Technology Strategic Planning Committee, K4AC realized that the obstructionist members of the Board would just refer it to committee. He modified the motion to direct the Administration and Finance Committee (A&F) to consider it.

Ultimately A&F killed the idea, but K4AC would make the Motion again at a later meeting.

The ARRL Board of Directors instructs the Administration and Finance Committee to study establishment of an Information Technology Strategic Planning Committee.

Such Information Technology Strategic Planning Committee should consist of three (3) members having a current background in Information Technology that are elected by the voting members of the ARRL Board of Directors. At least one member will be a Director and the remaining members will be Directors and Vice Directors.

Any committee vacancies will be filled at an election by the voting members of the ARRL Board within 30 days of the vacancy. If said election is not done at a board meeting, the Executive Committee shall authorize a special board election.

The committee shall select one of the Directors on the committee as chairman, shall begin its work as soon as practical, and report monthly to the ARRL Board. Committee deliberations and votes may occur independent of the times established for meetings of the Board of Directors or its standing committees. The committee shall conduct its work, to the greatest extent feasible using electronic means. In-person meetings are to be held only if the need for one overrides the cost consideration of the meeting. In-person meetings may be held in a manner that minimizes extra expense, such as in conjunction with meetings of the ARRL Board of Directors, or standing board committee meetings at which one or more members of the committee would otherwise attend.

DUTIES The committee will examine the existing Information Technology operations. Using the information obtained, the committee will create a strategic plan that maximizes the IT services provided to League members and Headquarters staff, both currently and in the future. The committee, with the assistance of staff, will create a list of all outstanding IT projects, together with their current status and any related issues, and present the list to the Board with a suggested prioritization.

Findings of the committee, along with recommendations for changes will be presented to the Board and the CEO as they are determined.

The Administration and Finance Committee will report its recommendations to the Board in January 2015.