K4AC Makes A Motion For Board Transparency

K4AC Makes A Motion For Board Transparency

Announcement Date: July 18, 2015

The Board of Directors Meetings are already audio recorded. In an effort to bring a modicum, of transparency to the Board meetings, K4AC submitted the below motion which would have caused those recordings to be available to the membership.

The motion failed by a vote of 3 to 12.

Paragraph 32 of the ARRL By-Laws is modified by inserting the underlined text:

32. The Secretary shall record the proceedings of all meetings of the Board and of the Executive Committee. He shall promptly furnish copies of the minutes of these meetings to all officers and members of the Board and make them available to members. He shall make audio recordings of all in person meetings of the Board, excluding any portion(s) where the Body of the Whole is in session, and make them available to members at the time the minutes of that meeting are released to members. He shall be responsible for the maintenance of the corporate status of the League and the filing of all reports and certificates which may be required of the League under the corporation laws of the State of Connecticut. He shall be the archivist of the League and for the performance of his such duties may call upon the Chief Executive Officer for such clerical and stenographic assistance as he may require. To the extent that may from time to time be required by law, he shall act as agent for the service of process, but only while present in the State of Connecticut and he is not authorized to accept service of process elsewhere.

This provision will be effective starting with the next in-person meeting of the Board