Further Unethical Behavior By Sarratt Reported To E&E

Further Unethical Behavior By Sarratt Reported To E&E

Announcement Date: August 25, 2016

K4AC, made the following complaint to the Ethics and Elections Committee (E&E).

Note: The link in the complaint no longer works.

At the Huntsville Hamfest this past weekend, Greg Sarratt, W4OZK placed copies of the attached campaign flyer on tables around the Hamfest. The flyer is also on his website: <http://www.w4ozk.com/index_htm_files/GS%20flyer%202016%20paths.jpg>

The photo in the lower left hand corner is Peter Meijers, AI4KM, the HamCation Chairman, shaking hands with Sarratt (probably HamCation 2013). The photo of Peter in Sarratt’s campaign literature implies Peter’s endorsement of Sarratt as a reasonable person would infer that Sarratt asked for and received permission from Peter to use his photo in his campaign. Further the “Orlando HamCation” caption under the photo implies the endorsement of the Orlando HamCation team.

Peter is a very good personal friend of mine. I have confirmed with Peter that he did not give Sarratt permission to use a photo of him in Sarratt’s campaign flyer and is greatly disturbed. Further, the Orlando HamCation did not give Sarratt permission to utilize their service mark in his campaign.

I demand that at a minimum Sarratt be immediately ordered to take down the deceptive campaign flyer, destroy all remaining printed copies of the flyer, refrain from using Peter’s or any other person’s photo in his campaign without that person’s permission, and be required to immediately place a PROMINENT notice on his website, w4ozk.com, with language stating that the photo of Peter Meijers, AI4KM, in his campaign flyer was used without permission AND Peter Meijers, AI4KM, DOES NOT support Sarratt, and that “Orlando HamCation” was used without authorization and the Orlando HamCation and the parent organization, the Orlando Amateur Radio Club, does not support Sarratt.

The willful and purposeful use of Peter’s photo and the Orlando HamCation service mark in Sarratt’s campaign literature is particularly insidious as it implies that the largest organization in my Division and located in my home area supports Sarratt rather than me. He could have used a photo from the Huntsville Hamfest where he might have some support, but he purposefully chose the Orlando HamCation.

The foregoing cannot cure the ethics violation, but is as close a cure as could exist as that flyer has already been seen by hundreds of people.

I have copied Peter and also John Knott, N4JTK. John is the President of the Orlando Amateur Radio Club and also a very good personal friend.