E&E Orders Rewriting of K4AC’s 300-Word Candidate Statement

E&E Orders Rewriting of K4AC’s 300-Word Candidate Statement

Announcement Date: September 3, 2016

The below email was forwarded to K4AC.

From: Williams, Dale, WA8EFK
Sent: Saturday, September 03, 2016 1:43 PM
To: Henderson, Dan N1ND
Cc: Gallagher, Tom, NY2RF; Olson, Kent, KA0LDG  (Dir, DK); Blocksome, Rod, K0DAS
Subject: Re: FW: K4AC 300-word Candidate Statement


The Ethics and Elections Committee has reviewed the candidate statement submitted by Doug Rehman.

We find it acceptable, except for the statement:  “This election is a referendum on ARRL Board governance including ethics, transparency, accountability, and vision for the future. Send a clear message to the power elites on the Board that you don’t want back room politics and business as usual, that you want a Director who works for you, not them, and that you’re concerned about the League’s and amateur radio’s future—please vote for me, mail your ballot today, and get other members to do the same!”

This statement must be removed or rewritten for the following reasons:

  1. This is an election of for office of Southeastern Division Director. It is not a referendum and no statement should imply that it is. No issues are being “referred” to the Southeastern Division membership for a vote hence the statement is false and misleading.
  1. It is pejorative of the ARRL Board and disrespects and brings disdain by members of the Board as a whole. His characterization of members of the board as being “power elites” is disrespectful of not only the board members but the ARRL members that elected them. Section 2.1 of the Director’s Workbook states in part as follows:  “As specific examples, on-the-air campaigning for elected office, criticism of fellow Directors, and/or promoting personal ideas, may not be appropriate, and are not sanctioned by ARRL.”

You may advise Mr Rehman that is candidate statement may be revised and resubmitted.


Ethics and Elections Committee
Rod Blocksome  KØDAS
Kent Olson  KAØLDG
Dale Williams  WA8EFK